Free Pick Up and Delivery with Wool Area Rug Cleaning Westchester NY


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Free Pick Up and Delivery with Wool Area Rug Cleaning Westchester NY

Keeping area rugs clean is a regular chore, and you may vacuum your rugs one or more times a week in an effort to keep them looking great. However, area rugs generally can become very dirty over time even with your standard cleaning routine. This is because rugs can become stained from pet accidents and food or beverage spills. Ground-in dirt and signs of foot traffic on the rug can cause discoloration and make the rugs look generally grayish or brownish in hue. In addition, rugs can hang onto debris and particles that ultimately could cause unpleasant odors in the home. With our services for rug cleaning in Westchester County NY, you can easily give your area rugs the deep down cleaning treatment they require from time to time.

When to Schedule Service

At Green Choice Carpet of Westchester County NY, we employ excellent techniques, quality cleaning equipment and superior cleaning agents to thoroughly remove all signs of dirt and odors from the rugs. Our processes will restore your rugs to their previous condition with pristine results and without damaging the rugs. If you have noticed that your rugs appear to be discolored or even faded in their hue, you can schedule a consultation with us. If your rugs have an unpleasant odor, we may also be able to help you improve this issue. With an initial consultation, we can inspect the rugs free of charge to give you a customized quote for our services.

How Our Services Work

Each area rug is unique, so we employ different rug cleaning techniques for each rug. Area rugs may become discolored, warped or otherwise damaged when they are not properly cared for during the cleaning process. During the consultation, we will determine the best steps to take to clean your specific rugs. Then, we will remove the rugs from your home to clean in our private facility. The cleaning process may include dusting, a wet cleaning process and a drying process that prevents shrinkage or warping. We will return the rugs to your home within five to seven days. You may be pleasantly surprised by how amazing your rugs will look after we have professionally cleaned them for you.

If you have noticed that your rugs are not looking or smelling as clean as you would like, rest assured that you can easily restore them to great condition. We have proven rug cleaning Westchester NY services that can help you to achieve the results you desire. You simply have to contact our office today to request an appointment for a free initial consultation to get started. Within a short period of time, the rugs could be cleaned and returned to their position on your floors looking and smelling much better. Call us today to set up a consultation for rug cleaning services today.

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